Sunday, April 22, 2007

GayProf Bop

Last night I had a few people over for dinner (including fellow-blogger PIHP). Your GayProf had too much wine – way too much wine.

It's days like these, when the sound of my own circulatory system produces a thunderous echo, that I wonder about my judgment. Ugh. Right now, I just need some quiet. Sweet-sweet quiet. And maybe a liver transplant.

In the meantime, check out this little shout-out to CoG:

Okay, I know that it is a clever type of advertising for the True Colors Tour targeted at certain gay blogs. Still, for a brief moment, Cyndi Lauper thought about me!

Well, okay not me exactly, 'cuz she clearly had never heard of this blog until four seconds before they started filming. Still, for that brief instant, something about me was on her mind. Eeeee. It’s better than an autograph. Eeeeeeeeeee.

“GayProf,” I hear you asking, “Are you so easily swayed by celebrity? We thought you kept it real, man.”

Clearly you know nothing about how much I crave validation. In the immortal words of Mika, “Love, love me.” Or was that Evita who said that? I tend to get them confused.

We aren’t talking about just any celebrity, anyway. She’s so unusual. As a queer youth, I secretly enjoyed “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” a bit more than you would expect. Or, maybe, you would have expected that.

Lauper is also a woman who had a hit single about masturbation. In my book, that scores a lot of points.

It did make me wonder, for what other celebrities would I plug? I am not talking about plugging for money. Really, I will sell almost anything for money. Do you know how little history profs make these days?

For which other celebrities, though, would I give it away? Hmm, probably if any of the following people asked or in anyway acknowledged my existence, I couldn’t help myself:

Captain Janeway

I don’t know what she is selling, but I would buy it! Only, though, if she still had the bun. I certainly wouldn’t plug for her if she had the ponytail. No, no. Bun or the deal is off.


FrankenBerry paved the way for queer-oriented breakfast foods. He was comfortable enough in his gender identity to paint giant strawberries onto his fingernails. Truly, FrankenBerry is an unsung queer hero.

Paul Lynde

Granted, if Lynde asked me to plug something I might be terrified given that he is dead and stuff. No matter how much I loved Uncle Arthur or how witty he was on Hollywood Squares, interacting with the living dead would be disquieting. For some reason, though, the fact that FrankenBerry was constructed out of dead people doesn’t bother me at all.

Lynda Carter

Want me to push those contact lenses? You’ve got it! I might ask to wear the tiara in exchange, though.


Margo, darling said...

That IS better than an autograph. So cool! I, too, would do anything for Janeway. Anything. (But I can't deal with the bun; I'm all about the bob.)

Dorian said...

I'm insanely jealous I'm not famous enough to warrant a YouTube video from Cyndi Lauper.

dykewife said...

did you know that kate muligrew also played mrs. columbo? yes, the wife of lt. columbo was an amateur detective in between taking their daughter to school and making spaghetti for her cigar smoking hubby. i don't remember her hair in a pony tail, as i recall she wore it loose.

tornwordo said...

She was the best part of the Cher concert we went to.

vuboq said...

I would offer you part of my liver, but I doubt it would be beneficial in any way.

I wish the Evil Firewall of Doom didn't block videos. Now, I have to wait until I get home this evening to see the Cyndi vid. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Lynde was also Templeton the Rat. ("A fair is a veritable smorgasboard - orgasbord - orgasbord!")

I'm with you on plugging anything for money. I mean one can have standards - but then also have standards of living one has no way of achieving unless one sells-out a bit.

I saw a whole bunch of us team up and create a gay-bloggers advertising network!

Bill S. said...

Keeping it real is so overrated, and only seems to work if you ignore that you have bills to pay. That video is very cool though!

Roger Green said...

Damn, and all I got was meeting Alex Trebek!
Anyway, how do YOU pronopunce gravitas? Cyndi seems to emphasize the third syllable.

I'm just askin'.

GayProf said...

Margo, Darling: Well, the bob would be my second choice. That was the softer side of Janeway. I think we all agree, though, that the ponytail just didn't work.

Dorian: You get swag, no?

DykeWife: I did know this. The show was on when I was pretty young, but even then I remember thinking that it seemed impossible that the ancient Columbo somehow scored a thirty-year-old wife. When Voyager started, it took me a bit of time to not think of her as Mrs. Columbo.

TornWordo: I also went to that Cher concert (the never-ending last tour). By the time I saw it, though, Lauper had been replaced by the much less interesting Village People. Sigh

V.U.B.O.Q.: Does your office just block all video content? The nice thing about being an academic is that you can quasi-legitimately claim that you doing "research" on-line.

Atari-Age: Paul Lynde also burned rude party boys with cigarettes in clubs. Just sayin'.

Bill S.: I not sure it gets more real than paying bills.

ROG: I pronounce gravitas as "GayProf."

Tenured Radical said...


I would effin kill for this shout out.


Krebs said...

We'll have to battle for Janeway, or we could cooperate. I love her.

Mike said...

I remember Kate Mulgrew as Mary Ryan on "Ryan's Hope." She had Dee's number right from the get-go. And she was smarter than her brothers combined. And she managed to snag the very hot Jack Finnelli.

I have history with Cyndi Lauper, shameful history at that. Read one of the earliest posts on my blog for that.

Celebrities I'd plug include but are not limited to: Justin Chambers, T.R. Knight, Danny Pintauro, Neil Patrick Harris, Vin Diesel, Naveen Andrews, Carol Burnett, Mary Tyler Moore, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, future Congresswoman Nikki Tsongas, and Nancy Pelosi. J'adore La Nancy.

I'd also plug Cyndi Lauper, because I owe that sweet woman something bigtime.

Red7Eric said...

I felt the same way when I got my Lauper vid -- but yours is cooler than mine -- dammit!!

Still, now that it's posted, I guess I have to go see the show, huh?

Doug said...

That is SO cool! My respect, admiration, and worship of you has just gone up another notch! And I didn't think I could get it up any higher.

Wait, that came out wrong. Or did it?