Friday, February 24, 2006

I Listen to Music

Like most offices today, the History Building’s computers operate on a LAN. I suppose, in theory, this allows us historians to share historical thoughts or trade porn or something. In practice, though, half my colleagues hate each other and the other half are committed luddites. Thus, we never engage in e-interactions.

It occurred to me, though, that my colleagues could have a grim view into my thinking over the past few months based on my i-tunes playlists. When on-line, one can see the music of other i-tunes folk in the building. I don’t think actual playlists show up, which is good for me.

Why? Here are the names of playlists that I used to organize my own music collection. I will leave it to your imagination which songs fell under these categories. Just keep in mind that these developed based on my many moods over the past six months:

    American Idiot(s)


    Ain’t Moonlight Sad When Love’s Gone Bad?

    Billie Holiday – Tragic Drug Years

    Campy Classics That Are Camptastic

    Cher (Shut-up – It’s genetic, I can’t help it.)

    Hating the Ex

    Loathing the Ex

    Despising the Ex

    Abhorring the Ex

    Country Music (What? Not all of them have funny titles.)

    Evita (A recent exchange with MEK the Bear reminded me that I groove on this soundtrack, even if the real Eva Perón was a literal fascist – but that’s another entry)

    Looking Good, Feeling Fabulous

    Looking Haggard, Feeling Shitty

    Queer Breakup

    Songs in Languages That I Don’t Understand

    It's Like That Drug Trip in That Movie I Saw – When I Was on That Drug Trip

    Queer Breakup, Two

    Music for the Gym

    Music for Running

    Music for Muscle Fatigue

    Music for the Hospital

    Refreshing TaB Drinking Music

    Treat Me Right

    Wasn’t Treated Right


    Liar-Ex and the Lies He Told Me

    Queenie Dance Music

    Why is Ex Still Breathing?

    Movin' On

Hmm, I fear I am walking a fine-line here between “gravitas” and “bitter-old-queen.” I better create some playlists entitled “Happy, Happy, Happy,” “Feeling Great,” and “The World is a Little Flower.” Not that I will actually listen to those lists. It’s all about appearance, darlings.

Alright, I will work on that after I return this weekend. I am off to my own version of Paradise Island (a.k.a. New Mexico, a.k.a. The Land of Enchantment, don’t you know?). It will be good to spend some time with the fam and hang with my buddy Danny. I will bring you all a hunk of turquoise as a souvenir.


jeremy said...

Enjoy your time out of that cess pool called Texas!!!
And you can add this mix (zip file) in one of the following--Music for the Gym, Music for Running, Queenie Dance music.

Fuckkit said...

I downloaded that .zip, hope you don't mind? I can resist free stuff :)

Fuckkit said...

Can't resist free stuff! Must be friday, half my letters go missing on Fridays. I think they get drunk and show up again on Mondays full of excuses.
Oh no, hang on, that's just me.

MEK the Bear said...

Excellent GayProf, I love the multiple ex-hating categories, I'd have those myself I'm sure if I actually moved into this era and had an i-pod, but I digress.

And yes, Evita rocked, being IN Evita rocked more, can you believe it's been 10 years since I did the show and I STILL remember all the spanish lyrics from the opening scene?

Frank said...

Wow, you're so much more clever than I am. And more musically rounded. And a lot more bitter. *LOL* Personally, I'm looking forward to being a bitter old queen. My fag hag and I often discuss how we'll be in the piano bar, drinks in hand, sneering and sniping at everyone else. It'll be good times, I think.

Being a gem collector, would love the hunk of turquoise, but, being a bigger "sexually frustrated" collector (just go with it for the sake of parallelism!), I'd rather you just brought back a "hunk." We could each have a piece! *hehehehe*

Roger Owen Green said...

I know: you can photograph the turquoise and put it on the blog so that EVERYONE can share. (I was going to say "have a piece", but then the self-edit kicked in.)

Earl Cootie said...

I've only recently really begun using playlists. My titles are boring though. I'm a shame to my orientation, I know. But I'll work on it. I promise.

Dean said...

Any chance we could see the contents of one of the playlists?

Oso Raro said...

Dear Enchanting Sunshine,

And what's wrong with BITTER? Bitter just means a) you're actually alive and thinking, and b) you're around to kick some butt another day! You don't like bitter? I got some dolls here, then you'll be happy, in a DuPont sorta way.

Hope you had fun down home in Nuevo Mexico! I could sure go for some sopapillas right about now, stuffed with scrambled eggs, yummy! Or maybe some stuffed with eggs and then followed with some drizzled with honey and butter (as my aunt once said to me, over a vat of bubbling lard: "Butter?! Just like your mother! Fat on fat!"). But alas, in Cold City they're called "beignets" and they generally suck!

Love, Angel of the Night

Currently listening to:
"Half Life" Sneaker Pimps

Larry said...

Hmm, I have one playlist. That's sad. Usually I just plu my iPod into my computer speakers at work and hit shuffle.