Saturday, June 03, 2006

Blogger Thwarts GayProf

Blogger doesn’t want to upload any images from me. We can’t have a post without a Wonder Woman comic, now can we?

So, until Blogger starts functioning again (and it has not been working for days now), watch this video sent to me by a loyal reader. Somehow, it just makes me feel better.


Oso Raro said...

All that spinning has made me dizzy!

Roger Owen Green said...

GP- I've been having the same problem, off and on, with Blogger with stuff from the Internet. 9 out 10 times, it'll say that it's downloaded, then it doesn't. I've had more success downloading from my computer, so I've been saving the image I find on the Internet, THEN downloading from the computer. Try that.

tornwordo said...

Well, that seems like a suitable substitute. So where's the post?

Blogger isn't glitch free, but at least it is fee free.

Margaret said...

You know, I think I might start preparing for class that way.

Gay Erasmus said...


Btw, Linda Carter was interviewed on Australian TV a couple of weeks ago.

GayProf said...

Oso: Have a cocktail. You will feel better.

ROG: I have tried both ways to load images. No dice.

TornWordo: Yeah, I am not angry with Blogger. After all, they provide the level of service based on what I pay for them. I am frustrated, though.

MaggieMay: You mean you don’t prepare for class like this already? Huh.

Gay Erasmus: What did Lynda have to say? Tell. Tell. Were you mesmerized by her every action and word?

Elizabeth McClung said...

I had the same problems with blogger - arg! Wow, all the different ways to go into big hair (a wonder woman essential) - have to say I was distracted by the song I was half listening to: "What? your satin tights?"

Anonymous said...

Oh GayProf...One of the best theme songs of the 70s. It brought a refreshing tear to my eye to view that whole montage.

Although after seeiong all these quick, twirling changes, wouldn't it be more prudent for her to keep her hair in the ponytail as WW and not have it go all full and curly? It seems with the running and jumping and lassoing of the bad guys, having to worry about her hair, too...? I guess that's why She's a Wonder and I'm not.

Adam said...

Weee!! That was fun! You know that I have special place in my heart for WW but I have to admit that when growing up I opted for the the reruns of the Bionic Woman over WW. God I loved that bionic noise.

Da Nator said...

I'm with pacalaga - what was that outfit?

I'm also wondering what would happen if Diana was in her street clothes, dancing, and her partner threw her for an unexpected twirl...

Malaika said...

you are a complete idjit :)

GayProf said...

Pacalaga and Da Nator: That was the outfit that Wonder Woman used when she went swimming (Yes, we have discussed why her swimming outfit involved more clothing than her street outfit. We all decided it’s best not question Diana’s wisdom.). FYI: They also modified that swim outfit to be used as a bike riding outfit.

In terms of Da Nator's question about spinning, I think that we are supposed to believe it is a voluntary act. There were, though, some priceless scenes where Diana was tossed off a building and did the spin in the air before hitting the ground. There was also another scene where she rolled down a hill in a barrel and used the rolling action for her spin. She is a complex character, that Wonder Woman.

Dale said...

Have you ever heard the Wonder Woman theme that Tricky did on his Blowback album a few years ago? Pretty cool.

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