Thursday, March 04, 2010

Historiann and GayProf Teach It All, Part II

Yesterday Historiann and I chatted about teaching the U.S. history survey. Today, we continue with that conversation over at her ranch in Part II. We cover a range of topics like how the West is always lost; graduate language acquisition; and editing for content. I also finally reveal to Historiann that I am gay. Join us!


Historiann said...

You're gayyyyy???? ZOMG!!11!11!!!

Nice image--love that automobile-assisted roundup!

pacalaga said...

Aw dude, she beat me to it.

pacalaga said...

also, your Historiann link is bwoken.

GayProf said...

D'oh! It should be fixed now.

Anonymous said...

Stop crying/"wahhhimbling".

Just fix it.