Sunday, September 24, 2006

GayProf Welcomes a Visitor

Fall seems on the verge of descending onto the city. We are alternating between crisp days and slightly muggy days. The trees are definitely preparing to get naked.

Over the weekend, Jeremy from In a Vault Underground stopped into Boston as part of his vacation tour. We had an opportunity to meet for the first time. For me, one of the great things about being a part of the blogosphere has been meeting new people like Jeremy.

Being fairly new to Boston, I was not sure what to highlight. Though an adoptive city, I am fond of Boston and want it have the best face for visitors. Everybody must come to the conclusion that it is one of the greatest U.S. cities ever, ever. In the end, I figured that you can never go wrong with drinking.

Here are some things that I learned while spending time with Jeremy:

    Jeremy’s blog title is not a metaphor. He works in an actual bank vault, underground, that has been converted into his office.

    I have adopted a surprising, “Like Me, Like Boston” attitude.

    Jeremy has some funny stories about his mother trying to “shock” him out of being gay. Of course, they are only funny in retrospect, horrific at the time.

    He has seen Dolly Parton in concert more times than I have seen any live music of any type. I am jealous.

    Jeremy testifies to Earl’s coolness in person

    I might be able to use Boston’s lack of a grid system to obscure my personal failures at following directions. Getting lost in Boston, afer all, can always be explained on those crazy streets.

    People in the Pacific Northwest order a drink known as the “Skinny Black Bitch” which involves vanilla vodka and diet soda.

    Seattle is one of the least racially diverse cities in the United States, with a population around 85 percent Euro American. This might also explain why they order things such as the above.

    Gay men can always bond over a discussion of porn.

    Gay men of a certain age, who are also nerds, can bond over a childhood crush on Gil Gerard from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.

    Gay men of a certain age, who are also nerds, can bond over being horrified that they ever thought that Gil Gerard from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century was attractive.

    Gay men, who are also nerds, can bond over being currently attracted to almost all of the male cast from the new Battlestar Galactica.

    Anybody who appreciates liquor can bond with me.

    No matter how I explain my current job, it always sounds really cushy. It might be because it is really cushy.

    Jeremy grew up in Texas. He did his undergraduate degree in Montana. Rural Montana seemed like Eden compared to Texas. That says a lot in my mind.

    Anybody of a certain age has at least one horrific relationship story.

I had a good time hanging with Jeremy. Meeting him, though, made me wonder about something. When are the rest of you lazy little bitches going to get your asses to Boston? Remember, GayProf’s time in this city is limited.

While you are looking into airfares, I will leave you with something from Brett. He recently fulfilled a life-long quest for me. Click here to see the video in all of its glory. What amazes me is how Brett knew that I had that exact outfit hanging in my closet. Of course, mine is really lime green with pink trim, not the other way around.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I was hoping to go up some time in the spring or the fall, since I've never been to that entire area of the United States. And the distance between Boston and DC really isn't that inconceivable; in fact, I'm pretty sure a train ride would be relatively quick and cheap.

I'll keep in touch about it.

Dorian said...


And I kinda still do think Gil Gerard is hot. At least Buck Rogers era Gil Gerard anyway.

tornwordo said...

You know I want to. It's just that life keeps getting in the way.

Names said...

I really did have a crush on old Gil. Then I watched an old episode of Buck Rogers and was disappointed to discover that he wasn't that hot. He was cute but in that slightly pudgy, odd haircut 70s kinda way. Kinda like Adam Rich back in the day.
Sometimes memories should remain just that.

Roger Owen Green said...

Well, I'm only about 3 hours away, so I certainly should. It's just figuring logistics with wife and child. Patience, grasshopper.


Anonymous said...


What is with the blogsphere creeping me out or freaking me out this morning?

Gil Gerard?

We often have the same taste in men GayProf... but Gil Gerard?

What is wrong with you?

Must. Bleach. Eyes.

You, Jeremy and Dorian (especially Dorian) need help. Therapy might not work. Just start with the drugs.

Earl Cootie said...

1) I can't be away from the kitten for more than a couple of days, so we limit our travels to the region. But if she kicks it anytime soon...
2) I don't know about the Gil Gerard thing, not being of that certain age. My childhood crushes were Ron Ely as Tarzan and Kent McCord on "Adam-12". These crushes may not attest to my nerdiness.
3) I like to drink.

GayProf said...

Chad: With airlines so subsidized by the government, you can also find fares for under $100 between Boston and D.C. I am just sayin'.

Dorian: Work harder.

Torn: If life is in your way, all the more reason to come to Boston!

Names: Yeah, I was really disappointed at seeing Gil twenty years later. Thus, the regret bit. That show was back in the era before men needed nice bodies or pretty faces to be considered sexy.

ROG: Bring the wife and kid.

Laura: Hey, cut us some slack. We were, like, five years old when that show was on the air. Just who did you find attractive at that age?

I am already taking the drugs anyway.

Earl: Toss the kitten in a duffle bag and come to Boston. We have liquor.

Doug said...

I thought Gil Gerard was hot when I was 8-12 years old (ok, maybe up to 15). There didn't seem to be a lot of man-flesh on TV in those days. We took what we could get.

Love the hair-do and ruffles on your outfit, GP. And what a hot ass you've got!

Anonymous said...

At five? I had a thing for Snoopy. Someone told me I couldn't marry Snoopy and I cried.

Pass the drugs. Someone save me a seat on the crazy-go-round.

Still ~ Gil Gerard? ICK! But I'll stop picking on you guys.

First crush... It was the Hardy Boys and not Shaun Cassidy but the other brother. I can't remember his name.

vuboq said...

Parker Stevenson.

BEHOLD the POWER OF GRAVITAS - drawing all these people to Boston with your amazing gravitational pull, like a black hole. Must. Break. Free. Must. Warn. Others.

GayProf said...

Laura: Parker S. was really the way to go there. I had a thing for Linus.

VUBOQ: Why fight it, baby?

Recline yourself, resign yourself, you're through.

Conor Karrel said...

Gah! I do to get myself in gear and figure out when I'm coming to Boston and NYC for a visit! I hope I'm still welcome!

He sounds like a fun guy, and I love the disco pic! Quite fetching!

GayProf said...

MEK:I hope I'm still welcome!

Does GayProf drink tequila? Of course you are still welcome, MEK.

Anonymous said...

Thank you VUBOQ!

Isodice said...

Objection! I've lived my entire life in the Northwest, and I've never before heard of/seen a "Skinny Black Bitch." (At the parties I went to, such a drink was known as "uh . . . we got vodka and, um, Diet Coke.") I'm sure it exists, but I know many a good white liberal Seattlite (and is there any other kind of Seattlite?) who would be absolutely horrifed by it.

Da Nator said...

Poot. I couldn't get the dancesisterdance link to work.

Don't feel too bad, GayProf. For all us lesbians of a certian age (and geekitude), Erin Gray was the big crush.

Come to think of it, have you seen Erin Gray, lately? Still kind of hot!

Frank said...

Actually, though I'm not "of a certain age" and have only actually seen one (partial) episode of Buck Rogers, I think I know why you guys had a crush on him: he had a great ass! I swear, the one episode I saw he had on these skintight white pants and it was quite a nice sight.

r said...

I drink that drink all the time!

(but I've never heard it called that here in California)

My parents are from Boston (actually Marblehead, and Swampscott), and it's one of the cities I love.

If not for the cold. The cold man, the freakin' cold.

My crush was on Bobby Sherman. God. I so was going to marry him.

Kalv1n said...

EEK! The movie is unavailable. I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying boston. Having a city with a complex street system is comforting in some way to me. It makes me feel as if I'm really becoming a part of the city as I learn it.

Dorian said...

By the by, I'm conducting a poll on the attractiveness of Gil Gerard, and right now he's coming out pretty damn sexy. Heck, he's even converted a few straight guys.

Michael said...

Gil Gerald not hot?

goblinbox said...

"Anybody who appreciates liquor can bond with me."

I can bond with you! I can bond with you! I can bond with you! Let's go get a cocktail!

ChristopherM said...

That is my fave cocktail! Only 'round these parts, we just call it a Skinny Bitch because at my house, bitches come in all colors.

jeremy said...

For real, y'all, gayprof knows how to party. Go and see him at your earliest convenience--plus, Boston is way better than TX (that's a fact, I'm in TX now).
Pics and travel synopsis to follow . . .

brett said...

ch'all are welcome!

you can thank me later... in bottles of vodka.