Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Has Anyone Seen My Inner Light?

We have reached that time of year, kiddies. Yes, all the historians across the U.S. make a pilgrimage to some American city. This year, we will converge on Philadelphia. It will be four days of living in the past. Some will present their work, some will be seeking a job, some will be offering jobs, some will hook-up and knock boots. Some will do all of those things at the exact same time. Be sure to look for Snoop-Dog’s release of “Academics Gone Wild” in the coming year.

As for me, I am looking forward to spending time in a city I have never visited. Leaving tomorrow, I hope a change will do me some good. Perhaps I will adopt some Quaker beliefs while I am there. The Society of Friends always seemed so reasonable to me. Everybody works for social justice, guided by their inner light. Each member is equal to all other members as they work against hierarchy. Plus, I dig that whole radical pacificist thing.

I am also really looking forward to hanging with my new buddy Dean. Plus I arranged to have dinner with an old friend and coffee with another historian in my field. So between all of that and my interview, perhaps I will avoid the dreaded wall of shame this conference.

As a public service, here’s what to look for if you are in Philly and would like to start stalking GayProf (and let's be honest, who doesn't want to stalk GayProf?):

I'll keep an eye out for you behind the bushes, sweeties.


Helen the Felon said...

Benjamin Franklin's grave is pretty cool, I recommend checking it out. I'll be interested in your observations on Philly. It's...um...well, it's something.

Have fun sweetheart! If you get a wild hair across your ass, I'm only a harrowing two hour Chinatown busride away!

Adam said...

Have fun! I also look forward to your take on Philly. My partner went there for his job cattle call at the APA two years ago.

You are cute!

Dorian said...

Hey! You look good! Let's hear it for sexy intellectuals!

Anonymous said...

hey, you're a cutie. cool.