Sunday, October 01, 2006


We all face the same cycles when blogging. At times, the inspiration leaves us and we are left without anything pithy and provocative to say. “Not you, GayProf,” I hear you exclaiming, “You are not like the other bloggers. Hallowed be thy name; Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in the blogosphere.” Then I hear you saying, “GayProf we might be getting a bit tired of that joke. Maybe it was funny the first twenty times.”

To which I say, “What joke?” I first realized that I must be God when I was praying. Suddenly it became obvious that I was just talking to myself.

Still, even I get stuck from time to time. Here are some signs that my creative well might have run temporarily dry:

    I have contemplated an entry devoted entirely to my dishwasher.

    I am watching television shows that I would normally avoid out of hopes of finding something to critique.

    Reposting old posts no longer strikes me as lazy. Heck, nobody even read this blog for the first month anyway. It would be all new to you.

    Much of my time is spent blaming the previous administration for my own obvious shortcomings rather than posting new entries.

    I have run out of ways to try to convince people to refer to me as the most desirable man on the blogosphere.

    Searching the internet for what ever happened to Gil Gerard does not feel like a waste of time.

    People are making comparisons to Ernest Hemingway’s dry period. Well, okay, that’s only happening in my own mind. Those comparisons might also be based merely on the amount of liquor that I consume rather than anything else.

    I have thought about outsourcing this blog to India or South Korea.

    All of my e-mails have been answered in a timely manner.

    I contemplated an entry debating whether Justin Timberlake has the requisite skills to bring sexy back.

    Finding a way to be arrested seems like a good way to get a solid, yet humorous, entry.

    I am seeking out actual human contact.

    I am blogging about my inability to blog.

    I am actually doing work related to my job.

Not entertained? Eh – Like teaching, I have found it’s easier just to show videos when feeling tapped out.

Feel free to debate the fraught Nubia. Personally, I am disturbed that the children’s play time is defined by both race and gender:


Adam said...

Maybe its time you started a podcast ;)

Anonymous said...

Getting arrested is a great source of blog material, but ultimately, SO NOT WORTH IT.

Anonymous said...

We all saw this coming. Could your lack of inspiration have anything to do with a parallel lack of personal anxiety, anger and misery? Could Boston be a pinnacle of civilization you had previously speculated was only theoretical possible? Could you be, oh, I don’t know, five letters and starts with an H, happy?

If that’s the case, as uninteresting as it may be, that makes us happy too.

Anonymous said...

Nertz to Mertz. Make that theoretically. I know better, on my "good" days.

Doug said...

What Adam said. A video podcast.

Cooper said...

Hmm, try drunk blogging? I never liked dry Hemingway anyway.

And yes, Justin Timberlake has all the skills I need for him to bring sexy back. :)

r said...

Oh my god. Just tell me who this Thomas Lloyd is.

Goodness gracious me.

You still make me smile, gayprof.

Frank said...

Don't worry, GayProf, it happens to all of us. You'll get your mojo back. Frankly, though, I think several of those ideas you listed sound like pretty good blog posts.

Roger Owen Green said...

I have feared that it would happen to me - maybe it did and I just missed it - but my real problem isn't inspiration, it's time.

So, obviously, what you need is a hobby, something like some of the suggestions you aluded to. Or follow sports. How 'bout those Patriots, eh? No? well, I tried.

jeremy said...

Getting arrested is a great idea--that's a nice outfit you're wearing officer . . .
Oh, and just to touch upon the whole Gil Gerard thing--
SPACESHIP people. He flew a spaceship.

Elizabeth McClung said...

well, I think a whole bunch more quotes from The Ruling Class or other Peter Barnes plays is a good way to start. And the "dry period" of Hemingway doesn't involve you buying a shotgun does it? I hope not. I believe GayProf's brains are better situated INSIDE his head.

Do not worry, the new environment and isolation has forced you into some sort of faux contented productiveness. Worry not, your legion of insecurities and neurosis will soon arrive platform 8 from Texas and bring back the biting, insightful and oversexed Gayprof we all know and love. Unfortunately, happy people make less interesting bloggers - but don't worry, anxiety and disorder WILL find you.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that the pre-Crisis Wonder Woman had a black sister (at least in the comics, at least according to the Wikipedia, she wasn't really a supervillain). Yet another reason to love the pre-Crisis DC Universe.

Anonymous said...

Ah, I love helping GayProf.

First, more Thomas Lloyd. For that matter, one day a week devoted to Thomas Lloyd. Hat optional. Then one day a week devoted to Thomas Lloyd and Friends. Hat(s) optional.

There's two out of seven days of the week you do not have to come up with material to post.


"I have run out of ways to try to convince people to refer to me as the most desirable man on the blogosphere."

I can help.

Step 1: Put on a tuxedo
Step 2: Have someone take many pictures of you wearing the tuxedo
Step 3: Post the pictures of you, in a tuxedo, on your blog.
Step 4: My obsessive-complusive need to drool over all men in tuxedo's will ensure that everyone knows you are the most desirable man in the blogosphere.

Or... more Thomas Lloyd. And Friends. Tux optional.

"I contemplated an entry debating whether Justin Timberlake has the requisite skills to bring sexy back."

Don't waste blogspace on this issue. He does not.

Thomas Lloyd brings the sexy.

Off to drool...

Oh, and yeah, you need a hobby. Start with leaf-peeping, as it is now October. It's not nearly as pornographic as it sounds. Though if you can bring Thomas Lloyd (or reasonable fascilime) you might bring leaf-peeping to a whole new level.

Now off to drool.

GayProf said...

Rebekah and Laura Elizabeth: Hmm – The straight girls like the gay porn star . Interesting.

Elizabeth: Good for you for identifying the source of my plagiarism – or, er, I mean homage.

Chad: Yeah, Nubia was created to try and give some diversity to the DC universe. She has good points, but is still fraught, IMHO. I have a friend in Texas, though, who will fight to defend Nubia.

Jeremy: It wasn’t your fault with the police officer. All those videos promised the cop would offer a different reaction to compliments on his outfit.

For all who think that my dry period is related to my relative happiness in Boston, clearly you underestimate the power of my gravitas.

Bigg said...

Personally, I always refer to you as the most attractive man on the Internet. Perhaps you, Gay Prof, should begin a campaign to personally bring sexy back. You could do it better than Justin Timberlake. Seriously.

Conor Karrel said...

All bow to the most desirable man in the blogosphere, our god allmighty GayProf!

(*whisper* was that too much GayProf?)

Anyway, we always love ya', because even your bloggers block turns out to be funny! The last video was priceless! The invisible sink.. hmmmm...

And Thomas Lloyd! DEAR GODDESS!! Why have I never seen him before? I panting too hard and need some water now.

Anonymous said...

GayProf, if there is a straight girl who says she's not turned on by gay porn, she's lying.

Or dead.

tornwordo said...

You should write for David Letterman! Your list is so top tennish.