Monday, September 26, 2005

Rita Who?

Newscasters predicted Rita would bring doom, doom, doom onto my local community. Though the hurricane unleashed some serious problems in Texas and Louisiana, it veered sharply away from us. Saturday brought only trace amounts of rain and some breezy conditions. Sunday, with the exception of the searing heat, would have been a fine day to play tennis. Lesson learned? Never trust the news again. My faith in humanity has been entirely shaken.

Of course, I am kidding. I never had faith in humanity.

I am grateful that we were not injured and I feel for those who suffered because of the storm.

My values became deeply twisted, though. I only wondered, “What am I going to write about in my blog if the storm doesn’t hit?”

Perhaps I am too obsessed with my blog persona. I have always had a bit of an addictive personality. Is it too much, for instance, that I now make my colleagues refer to me as “Princess Diana?” Will this affect my chances of tenure? Before you answer, keep in mind I always made them call me “princess.” I am just adding the “Diana” bit.

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Melissa McEwan said...

Of course, I am kidding. I never had faith in humanity.