Friday, November 04, 2005

Say No to Macy's

While New Mexico always holds my heart (the Land of Enchantment, you know), my favorite U.S. city is Chicago. It, therefore, irritates me that Federated Department Stores, Inc. has decided to rename the venerable Marshall Field’s Department Store on State Street. Since 1852, Marshall Field's has been an icon of shopping goodness. The historian in me cries out for preserving the city's past. The gay man in me cries out for the ability to buy Kenneth Cole in a landmark store. Clearly, Federate Department Stores, Inc., has no respect for local icons or history. If we let Marshall Field’s go, what next? Where does the madness end?

Gay Bloggers of the World, Unite! It doesn’t matter if you live in Chicago. If you ever visit Chicago, or think about visiting Chicago, don’t you want Marshall Field’s to be there for you? We all love shopping, even the socialists amongst us, right?. Write to Federated and tell them you will never accept Macy’s on State Street. Flood their on-line e-mail system with angry missives (angry missives falls under the category "Store Experience," fyi). Even if you don’t accept capitalism or hate shopping, it will be your opportunity to harass an evil, faceless corporation. Surely that appeals to you.

Seriously, this isn’t like my usual calls to vote or march for equality. This really, really matters!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the salute to Chicago, GayProf! You wouldn't believe the anger this has caused here in the windy city. People are very upset that so many candy companies are leaving us (Chicago used to produce more candy than any other city in the U.S.; now with the loss of Msh. Fld.'s "Frango Mints" and Fannie Mae skipping town, this is no longer the case.

M.F.s is also a Christmas tradition for just about everyone in this city, and the change is already creating an uproar. This is going to be your last Fields Holiday season, folks... so go take a picture in front of the store in your holiday finest...